Master Service Agreement


The term of this Agreement shall be as per the term user sign ups, to commence on the date that the User sign-ups electronically for service by creating an account with an email address.

Invoicing Policies

All invoices are denominated, and User must within the due date. User will be billed on their billing cycle, with payment due no later than the 5 days past the invoice date.


Payments not made within ten (10) days of invoicing will be deemed in arrears. For accounts in arrears. If any amount is more than ten days overdue, Annai Hosting may suspend service and bring legal action to collect the full amount due, including any attorneys fees and costs.

Suspension for Nonpayment

If a customer is past due on their balance, Annai Hosting will send 3 email notifications within a 10 day period before suspending the customer’s account. Servers will be temporarily powered off during the suspension period. Annai Hosting reserves the right to Terminate the customer’s suspended Account(s) / Machine(s) after the final termination notice.


Annai Hosting reserves the rights to terminate an account at any time when the account violates any policies or do Spamming or when get compromised. Annai Hosting always gives a prior notice before terminating any account and also provides a complete backup of the account after termination. However it can’t be said sure that Annai Hosting always gives prior notification and backups. When situation comes to critical we reserve the rights to terminate without any warning / notice and not by providing any backup.

User Duties

User should Provide and maintain accurate personal and business identifying information, including names, business name, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Utilize proper security protocols, such as setting strong passwords and access control mechanisms, safeguarding access to all logins, passwords, verifying the trustworthiness of persons who are entrusted with account access information, and notifying Annai Hosting if and when any security breaches involving data hosted or stored at Annai Hosting occurs. Make full and timely payment of fees for services as selected pursuant to the terms of service. Provide Annai Hosting with accurate information relevant to assessing fees. Comply with the terms of this agreement, including the requirements of the terms of service, AUP, and Privacy Policy.