Acceptable Use Policy

Lawful use of the Network

In using the Network, Users will comply with, and refrain from violations of, all applicable provisions of the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the New York Revised Statutes, including but not limited to those statutes forbidding: (a) distribution of child pornography, (b) forgery, identity theft, misdirection or interference with electronic communications, (c) invasion of privacy, (d) violations of the CANSPAM Act, (e) collection of excessive user data from children, or other improper data collection activities, (f) securities violations, wire fraud, money laundering, or terrorist activities, or (f) false advertising, propagating or profiting from frauds and unfair schemes. Users will also comply with the affirmative requirements of law governing Network use, including but not limited to: (a) disclosure requirements, including those regarding notification of security breaches, (b) records maintenance for regulated industries, and (c) financial institution safeguards.

Agreed Use of Allotted Network Resources

Users shall not use any method to circumvent the provisions of the terms of service, or to obtain services in excess of those for which they contract with Annai Hosting. Users shall use only those IP addresses that are assigned to them by Annai Hosting, and shall not use any IP addresses outside of their assigned range. Users shall not use any mechanism to exceed the amount of Network resources assigned to them, or to conceal such activities.

Injurious Code

Users may not use the Network to distribute, receive communications or data gleaned from, or execute any action directed by any type of injurious code, including but not limited to: (a) trojans, (b) key loggers, (c) viruses, (d) malware, (e) botnets, (f) denial of service attacks, (g) flood or mail bombs, (h) logic bombs, or (f) other actions which Annai Hosting reserves the sole right to determine to be malicious in intent.

Email Violations

In addition to being forbidden from performing any acts made illegal by the CAN-SPAM Act, Users may not send bulk email utilizing their Network resources unless they maintain a double-authorized list of subscribed members including IP addresses and relevant contact information, along with following guidelines for including removal links with all sent emails according to the CAN-SPAM act. Users are forbidden from taking any action that would result in their IP addresses, or any IP address associated with Annai Hosting or other Users, being placed on the blacklist.


You agree that you will NOT use Annai Hosting’s services to: violate any applicable state and federal law and regulation, including, but not limited to, any copyright, trademark, patent, anti-piracy, or other intellectual property law or regulation, or encourage or enable others to violate any such law or regulation. Transmit, distribute, post, store, link, or otherwise traffic in information, software, or materials that is offensive, abusive, inappropriate, malicious, or detrimental, including, but not limited to, those that: Are obscene, fraudulent, or discriminatory. Annai Hosting permits adult websites that abide by state and federal law and regulation of Unites States as our Servers were located in U.S.A regions.

Users are restricted from registering multiple accounts with the same billing details without first notifying Annai Hosting of that intent to ensure that accounts aren’t automatically flagged as possibly fraudulent and without notification accounts may be treated as abuse and/or fraudulent which would lead to suspension of service. Annai Hosting also reserves the right to terminate a customer’s account if they are targeted by malicious activity from other parties.

Invasion of Privacy, Defamation, or Harassment

Users may not use Network resources in a manner that would violate the lawful privacy rights of any person, or to publish or republish defamatory statements, or to harass and embarrass.

Violation of Copyright, Trademark, Patent or Trade Secret

Users may not use Network resources in violation of the copyrights, trademarks, patents or trade secrets of third parties, nor shall they utilize the Network to publish such materials in a manner that would expose them to public view in violation of the restrictions of law. The provisions of the DMCA will apply to issues presented by allegations of copyright violations by third parties. Annai Hosting will, in appropriate circumstances, terminate the accounts of repeat infringers.

Other Violations

The foregoing enumeration of violative acts is not meant to be exclusive, and Annai Hosting provides notice hereby that it has and will exercise its authority to take whatever action is necessary to protect the Network, Users, and third parties from acts that would be inimical to the purposes of this AUP as set forth above.

Acts of Sub-Users

Users are responsible for the acts of others utilizing their Network access, and will be held responsible for violations of this AUP by their sub-users or persons who gain access to the Network using the User’s access codes. Any activity that a User is prohibited from performing by this AUP is equally prohibited to anyone using the Network-access of the User. Accordingly, Users agree to take the following actions to control the activities of those who connect to the Network by any means.

Access Code Protection

Users will utilize proper security protocols, such as setting strong passwords and access control mechanisms, safeguarding access to all logins, passwords, and verifying the trustworthiness of persons who are entrusted with account access information.

Notification Regarding the AUP

Users will notify all persons who receive Network-access of the provisions of this AUP, and will inform them that its terms are binding upon them.

Remedial Action

Users will notify Annai Hosting if and when they learn of any security breaches regarding the Network, and will aid in any investigation or legal action that is taken by authorities and/or Annai Hosting to cure the security breach.
Remedies for Violations. Annai Hosting may take any of the following appropriate actions to remedy violations of this AUP:

Service Suspension or Termination

Annai Hosting may suspend or terminate any account without refund by a User that violates the provisions of this AUP, as Annai Hosting may deem appropriate to the circumstances of the violation. Annai Hosting will provide prior notice of the intent to suspend or terminate service if the provision of notice will not, in Annai Hosting’s judgment, run counter to the purposes of the AUP.