Annai Hosting – Fully Powered by SSD !

We know that we didn’t do any major upgrade to our servers over the last 3 years. The main reason behind this was I didn’t get much time to manage the Web Hosting business due to some personal works. And for the last three years the business for managed by our staffs mostly, except some critical and sensitive things.

I always have an attitude to work with the best resources. So few months back I just bought a SSD for my DELL Laptop and experienced its great performance. Upon seeing the performance of the SSD in my Laptop I just thought why don’t I upgrade our servers too with SSD.

Then searched for a reliable Data Center who provides servers with SSD at an affordable price, because I don’t want to hike the prices of our existing accounts and add load to the clients with huge bills.

After searching for almost 15 days continuously I found about 3 providers and upon testing all of them we finally decided to go with a provider who gave us a Stable, Reliable SSD Servers at a very affordable cost. After finalizing the providers, I decided to give a try first before completely switching to them. I tested their servers almost for a week and made sure that they will be the best to go.

And now our Annai Hosting services are running in Servers which are powered by SSD !

The SSD Servers we got weren’t cheap, but still we got some ways to make it cheaper than the servers we had before by reducing some services. So stay tuned for a huge price drop and new plans at an affordable cost.

Logesh K
CEO – Annai Technologies

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